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AAEON Hi-Manager

       Hi-Manager is a tool based on the Intel® Active Management Technology 9.0 (iAMT 9.0) and has backward compatibility
       with earlier versions of iAMT. This allows users to locate all iAMT devices within the intranet, power On/Off target devices
       remotely, set power On/Off scheduling, arrange device groupings for better management, offer event logs and timer
       settings to wake up devices at specified times, recover systems that have crashed from virtual CD-ROM, remote KVM
       management and access to target device hardware information for asset management. Hi-Manager can be installed on all
       AAEON platforms and can remotely manage AAEON client devices that use Intel® Q77, Q87, QM77, QM87 chipsets and
       run Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows® 7 Operating Systems.

       Hi-Manager Advantages

          ▶ Easy-to-use and build custom applications
          ▶ Supports AAEON products with iAMT
          ▶ In-depth technical support

       Network Discovery:   Power Control:  Group Management: Event Log:  Alarm Clock:
       AMT device discovery  Powers On/Off the target  Arrange devices in this   Logs boot records of the   Sets timer to wake up a
                     device         function       selected device  sleeping device
                                      Intel® Active Management Technology

                                                               QM67/ Q77/ QM77/ HM76/
                                       Intel® Chipset
       Remote Recovery:  KVM:                                    B75A/ Q87/ QM87
       Mounts boot image or   Controls remotely from   Intel® AMT Version  AMT 7.0/8.0/9.0
       physical CD-ROM to   the target device  HW Inventory
       target device
                                       SW Inventory
                                       Power State Management
                                       System Defense
                                       Remote Configuration
                                       Remote Boot Option
                                       KVM Redirection
       Schedule:     Device Information:  KVM Remote Control
       Schedules the power On/  Shows target device   ME Wake on LAN
       Off target devices  assets
                                       Proactive Security Block, HW-Based and
                                       Remote Management Recovery
                                       Host-Based Provisioning
                                       Enhanced System Defense Filters

       Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.  8
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