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    0   AAEON BIOX

       BIOX is a BIOS customization SaaS solution for AAEON products. Most field applications and deployments require BIOS
       customization for platforms and systems to meet a customer’s requirements. Often this requires constant communication with
       vendors, possibly delaying deployment or slowing down maintenance. With BIOX, the end user can customize the BIOS on their
       own, anytime, in five simple steps, without the need to contact a service rep.

             Log-in       Upload       Custom-        Apply       Download
              SaaS         BIOS       able items                  New BIOS

       BIOX Advantages

       Modern and Flexible User Interface      Version Control Access
          ▶ Logo                                   ▶ Retrievable
          ▶ Boot Order                             ▶ Re-customizable
          ▶ Setup Values                           ▶ History Traceable
          ▶ SMBIOS Strings
          ▶ Password Management

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