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    0   AAEON Hi-Safe

       Hi-Safe is a powerful, free program which provides SDKs for systems and UIs running Microsoft® Windows® operating
       systems. Hi-Safe controls system hardware by utilizing the Windows Management Interface, providing a safe and standard
       interface for Windows machines. Hi-Safe allows end users to easily develop their own UI software to monitor vital system
       components such as the processor, RAM and display. It also provides interface and functionality for Hardware Monitor, Digital I/
       O, Watchdog timer, Smart Fan settings, SM Bus, and backlight controller for LVDS and eDP. With the SDK user interface, no
       coding is needed, and customers can create their own user interface by using the function codes provided by AAEON.
       Customers can download the Hi-Safe V3 application directly from the Microsoft Store.

       Hi-Safe V3 Advantages

          ▶ Modern and Flexible User Interface
          ▶ Easy and Friendly to Use
          ▶ Safe Operation Control for Windows

                       System Information:                  Smart Fan:
                       Receives CPU, display and            Supports multi-stage adjustment of
                       RAM information                      temperature and speed controls

                       Hardware Monitor:                    SM Bus:
                       Receives super I/O, fan,             Reads and writes to SMBus device
                       temperature and voltage data         and detects SMBus base address

                       DIO:                                 Backlight Controller:
                       Obtains DIO information:             Controls LVDS or eDP display
                       sets the pin direction and pin data

                       Sets the system reboot timer

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