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00 AAEON Hi-Safe

       Hi-Safe is a free and powerful program providing SDKs for UIs running Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. It
       allows end users to easily develop their own UI software to monitor vital systems such as the processor, RAM and VGA. It
       monitors received data about the Super I/O, fan, temperature and voltage, offers configuration options for Digital I/O pin
       direction and data patterns, provides watchdog timer and fan speed settings, SMBus base address detection and device ID
       settings. Hi-Safe also offers two modes for backlight display control if one uses the LVDS interface. Based on the user
       interface SDK, no coding is needed, and customers can create their own customized user interface by using the function
       codes provided by AAEON.

    AAEON Hi-Safe/ Hi-Manager
       Hi-Safe Advantages

          ▶ Faster time to market
          ▶ Easy to use

                       System Information:                  Smart Fan:
                       Receives CPU, VGA and                Receives fan and temperature data;
                       RAM information                      sets the fan speed into the smart
                                                            fan mode

                       Hardware Monitor:                    SM Bus:
                       Receives super I/O, fan,             Reads and writes SMBus device,
                       temperature and voltage data         and detects SMBus base address

                       DIO:                                 Backlight Controller:
                       Obtains DIO information: sets        Controls the backlight display; two
                       the pin direction and pin data       modes

                       Sets the system reboot timer

    7                     Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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