Page 6 - 2024 AAEON Selection Guide -1st Edition
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    0   About Us

       The Trusted Innovation Partner

       We have the drive to provide innovative, trusted solutions tailored to benefit our customers.

       Established in 1992, AAEON stands at the forefront of   AAEON Core Values
       industrial IoT and AI Edge solutions, renowned for its
       commitment to continual innovation. As a leading designer   Innovation:
       and manufacturer, AAEON specializes in delivering reliable,   Technological Innovation – continually seeking to bring new and exciting
       high-quality computing platforms and offers   technologies to market for our customers
       comprehensive OEM/ODM services on a global scale.   Product Innovation – evolving with our customer’s needs to maximize the
       Collaborating with businesses, AAEON goes beyond   utility of embedded solutions
       providing individual platforms, extending its expertise to   Innovative Business Model – maintaining a worldwide community model
       offer end-to-end solutions that prioritize technological   for peer-to-peer collaboration and expert technical support
       innovation and design excellence, fostering a reputation for  Trusted Quality:
       delivering a trusted, customer-centric, and high standard   Design Quality – rigorously monitoring standards to ensure continual
       of service.                      improvement
                                        Advanced Manufacturing – integrating AI, automation, and new
       Working closely with premier chip designers, AAEON   technologies into our processes
       ensures the creation of stable and reliable platforms,   Higher Standard Of Service – building industry trust in our abilities through
       showcasing an innovative approach to product   external endorsements from premier organizations
       development and operational flexibility that solidifies its   Flexibility:
       standing as a provider synonymous with demonstrated
       quality and dependability. The experienced engineering   Low Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) – adopting a modular design process
       team at AAEON has played a pivotal role in assisting   for streamlined customization to lower the cost of entry
       numerous companies worldwide, guiding them through   Fast Service – faster troubleshooting for issue resolution, straightforward
       product launches with solutions tailored to their specific   after-sales care
       needs. AAEON’s customer-centric approach is underscored   Customer Focus – provide localized solutions for even the most complex
       by expedited, localized technical support and meticulous   customer needs through regional RD & design center
       attention to detail, reinforcing its dedication to delivering
       unparalleled service.

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