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00  Design Manufacturing Service (DMS)

       The Design Manufacturing Service (DMS) offers exceptional end-to-end services from product conceptualization to product
       development and then manufacturing and service programs. All services are linked together through a comprehensive
       process and closely monitored by dedicated professionals to guarantee the highest level in product quality, reliability and
                          •  Product Conceptualization
                          •  Electronic Circuit Development
                          •  PCB Layout
                          •  Component Qualification
                          •  Mechanical Design
                          •  Prototype building
                          •  Compatibility, Reliability and Qualification testing
                          •  Certification and processing (Agency Approvals)
                          •  Manufacturing Design
                          •  Packaging and Enclosure Design

       •  Customer Service Management                    •  PCBA Assembly
       •  Customer and Channel Repair                    •  System Manufacturing
       •  Logistics extension                            •  Component and Subsystem Assembly
       •  Refurbishment                                  •  Functional Testing
       •  Return Processing                              •  Engineering Change Management
       •  Troubleshooting Support                        •  BTO (Build to Order)
       •  Upgrades                                       •  Supplier Qualification
       •  Warranty Management                            •  Warehousing
       •  Spare Parts Management                         •  Failure Analysis
    AAEON’s Design Manufacturing Service/ Network Security Platform

       Collaboration Models

       Customers can entrust AAEON with the manufacturing of their existing products, customize existing AAEON COTS
       (Commercial-off-the-Shelf) products, or jointly develop new products with the expertise of a dedicated project team that
       will oversee the project from product conceptualization to on-time delivery of the goods. AAEON DMS handles Large-
       Volume as well as Low-Volume-High-Mix projects, satisfying the needs of our customers for every kind of computing
       platform requirement.

       Areas of Expertise

        •  Retail
        •  Transportation    Contract  Commercial             Joint    Original Design
        •  Energy          Manufacturing  off-the-Shelf   Customized  Development   Manufacturing
        •  Automation         (CM)      (COTS)     COTS       (JDM)      (ODM)
        •  Medical & Healthcare
        •  Networking      •  Customer-owned   •  Based on AAEON   •  Based on AAEON   •  Strategic   •  Customer driven
                                                 standard product
                                      standard product
                           •  AAEON provides   & technology   & technology   •  Co-architected   •  Based on
                            manufacturing   roadmap   roadmap   design based on   customer driven
                            and engineering   •  With optional   •  Modify according   common IP from   product and
                            service   minor change  to customer’s   technology   technology
                                                 request    roadmap    roadmap
                          Quality Manufacturing                 Collaborative Development
    9                     Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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