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             AAEON’s Embedded OS Solution/Hi-Supervisor                           0

        Embedded OS Main Features

                      Windows® Embedded   Windows® Embedded POS   Windows® Embedded
         OS Family
                      Standard            Ready               Enterprise
         Features     Full Customization  Simple Installation  Full Function
                                          WEPOS 1.1
                      Windows® Embedded Standard             Windows® 7 Professional
         Windows®     2009                POSReady 7         Windows® 8.1 Professional
         Product Sku  Windows® Embedded Standard 7  POSReady 2009  Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC
                      Windows® Embedded Standard 8  Windows® Embedded Industry 8.1   1607/1809/ 2021
                                          Pro Retail
         CPU Type     x86                 x86                x86
         Development Tool  Customization Image  CD Installation  CD Installation
         Development Time  Short          None               None
         Maintenance Cost  Middle         Low                Low
                      Custom Shell/ EWF/ FBWF/ USB
         Embedded Features  Boot/ HORM    Custom Shell/ FBWF/ USB Boot  Standard Shell UWF

        AAEON Hi-Supervisor

        Hi-Supervisor is a remote hardware monitor application for Windows
         based on MQTT protocol. This software allows users to get device status
        and set device configurations like GPIO, Fan, Watch Dog Timer, SMBus, ..,
        etc. It supports remote reboot and shutdown, too. Hi-Supervisor supports
        AAEON Windows platforms which support Hi-Safe. Users can set warning
        thresholds to acknowledge users abnormal conditions by e-mail.

        Hi-Supervisor Advantages
            ▶ Support Hi-Safe full functions remotely
            ▶ Customized support
            ▶ Support Azure IoT Central

        Hardware Monitor:   Hard Disc:  Remote Control Fan
        Retrieves fan,   obtain hard disk
        temperature and voltage   S.M.A.R.T information

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