Page 4 - Turnkey IPC Solution (AAE Region only)
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RT-660R and RT-680T

                 The RT-660R and RT-680T deliver the performance, flexibility and expandability to power applications
                 across key vertical markets, including AI, IoT, Machine Builders, Smart Factories, Surveillance, and
                 Control Rooms for applications like Smart Parking. The systems can utilize expansion cards including
                 AI modules such as the AI Core XP8 with Intel® Movidius® Myriad™ X, as well as powerful GPU
                 cards and frame grabbers to connect with IP cameras, sensors and machine controllers to fully
                 maximize the capabilities of these applications.


                 The RT-200T industrial PC platform from AAEON brings the performance of Intel® Core™
                 processors to an embedded platform designed to power demanding applications including
                 IoT, automation, and machine builders. With a broad I/O layout, expandability options and wall-
                 mount kit as standard, the RT-200T delivers the computing performance needed to power your
                 application anywhere it’s deployed.

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