Page 3 - Turnkey IPC Solution (AAE Region only)
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Camera                                                                     Command


                                                   RT-660R / RT-680T
                   Gates                         RT-620R/ RT-660R

                                               • Fever Detection
                AI Edge Device                 • Mask Recognition                               Staff

                                               • Tracking/ Tracing

                                              Thermal Camera

                          Fever Detection

                                                      IP Camera                                  Data
                       Mask Recognition                                                     Collection

              AI Pandemic Monitoring


             AAEON turnkey solutions are built to power demanding applications across key vertical markets, offering
             the capabilities needed to power AI Edge Servers, as well as Control Rooms and Machine builders. The
             RT-660R offers the ability to fit in easily with server rooms and other rackmount deployments, while the
             RT-680T easily fits onto any desktop, offering a workstation solution for Control Rooms and Surveillance.
             The RT-200T is built for embedded deployment and can easily fit in wherever it’s needed, from Machine
             Builders to Smart Factories and Industrial IoT deployments. AAEON turnkey solutions offer broad flexibility
             to help maximize the effectiveness of your project.

         Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.                        2
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