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Turnkey IPC Platforms

                 AAEON is an industry leader in turnkey IPC solutions designed to power industrial workstations,
                 machine vision controllers, and high-performance AI and edge computing systems. AAEON leverages
                 experience and expertise to deliver a diverse line up of solutions, from the compact embedded
                 RT-200T to the powerful rackmount RT-660R and RT-680T desktop workstation. With a range of
                 processors and expandability, AAEON turnkey platforms bring the performance you need to power
                 your application, whether as a command center workstation or as the heart of an industrial AI edge


                 Each platform is designed to provide expandability to tailor each system to your application’s specific
                 needs. AAEON offers a range of expansion cards including frame grabbers, AI modules, and more;
                 all able to be used with our IPC solutions, saving you time and hassle from searching for compatible
                 components. You can easily turn any system into high-performance AI Edge platforms with the AI
                 Core XM M.2 module or the AI Core XP8 PCIe [x4] card with up to eight Intel® Movidius® Myriad™
                 X VPUs.

    1                                                                     Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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