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    0    Mobile Computing Solutions


                                            Computing in the environment of Industry 4.0 means taking full advantage of innovative
                                            technologies and frameworks such as IoT, decentralizing of data processing, and utilizing wireless
                                            communication to overcome the limitations of physical infrastructure. As more things depend on
                                            technology, it is more important that we can carry that technology with us through the power of
                                            mobile computing.

                                            AAEON Rugged Mobile Computing Solutions are designed to provide flexible and tough platforms
                                            built to handle working in environments which are harsh or abusive for consumer grade products.
                                            These rugged tablet PCs and semi-rugged tablet PCs provide reliable operation whether indoors or
                                            outside, in cold freezers or hot weather, onboard buses and controlling entryways. AAEON’s Rugged
                                            Mobile Computing Solutions are built for work, in the field, in the office, or wherever is demanded.

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