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    0    Core Competence

         Product Innovation                  R&D Strength                        Manufacturing Capability

         AAEON’s integration expertise is integral to   AAEON takes great pride in its World Class   AAEON has manufacturing facilities located in
         product designs that have the most desirable   R&D aptitudes. With more than 20% of   Taipei, Taiwan and Suzhou, China. To become
         built-in features, saving customers valuable   AAEON's workforce employed in R&D and   the leading supplier of Industrial Computers,
         design and customization time. AAEON’s OEM/  10% of annual sales revenue invested in this   AAEON has created manufacturing facilities
         ODM capabilities help us meet customers’   field, AAEON is prepared to handle the most   with  flexible layouts  and  expansion
         exact specifications and requirements. In   demanding designs based on the latest   capabilities to easily address the demand for
         addition, AAEON has invested aggressively in   technologies. With our strong background in   increased production capacity. Drawing upon
         R&D capabilities and will continue to do so to   innovation, AAEON has been granted a raft of    the skills of its professional and experienced
         maintain a competitive advantage for new   design patents around the world.  personnel to develop an efficient production
         designs. In cooperation with premier                                    system, AAEON has the ability to respond
         technology vendors, AAEON participates in                               rapidly to customer requests for standard or
         vendor early access programs to provide the   Design Capability         customized IPC products.
         latest technology to its customers.  From our core competence of single board

                                             computer design, AAEON has expanded its
                                             capabilities to award-winning Panel PC
         Market Focus                        System Design, BIOS Engineering with multi-
                                             vendor expertise, Mechanical Design,
         AAEON has established a  worldwide
                                             Peripheral Device Design, Design Verification
         reputation for exceptional domain know-how.
                                             and in-house EMI/EMC Debugging.
         This expertise has enabled AAEON to secure a
         solid position in Machine and Factory
         Automation, as well as the Chemical Industry.
         Additionally, AAEON’s cutting edge products
         meet the specific requirements of the Digital
         Signage, Transportation, Industrial Automation,
         Medical, Harbor/Marine, Military/Government,
         Public Safety and Energy sectors.

         00-5                                         Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.
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