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                         Intel® Technologies                                   Wireless Connectivity

                         AAEON FWS models feature Intel® built-                AAEON FWS models feature mini-card slots
                         in technologies such as Intel® QuickAssist            for wireless connectivity expansion. In desktop
                         Technology, Intel® Advanced Encryption                models, this expansion supports functions such
                         Standard Instructions (AES-NI), and Intel®            as Wi-Fi and support for cellular 3G, 4G/LTE and
                         Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT) which can       5G modules.
                         enhance entire network performance, efficiency,
                         and security.

            INTEL   ®    Intel® QuickAssist                                    IPMI Remote Management
            QAT          Intel® QuickAssist Technology speeds up the           IPMI is essential in meeting mission-critical
                         process of encrypting and compressing secure
                                                                               business requirements and ensuring that
                         information, meaning end users can send               enterprises are able to enjoy uninterrupted,
                         private information with complete confidence.         highly available, and highly stable services. IPMI
                         With the high-powered CPUs used in the AAEON          enables administrators to remotely monitor,
                         FWS series, this work is isolated from the rest       manage, and maintain systems to provide
                         of the system’s functions, allowing the devices       uninterrupted services and near-zero downtimes.
                         to continue their other functions without losing

                         Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)                     Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
                         The AAEON FWS series supports Intel® DPDK             The AAEON FWS series supports TPM, which
                         which can greatly boost packet processing             is designed to secure hardware by integrating
                         performance and throughput, allowing more             cryptographic keys into appliances. Pushing
                         time for data plane applications.                     security down to the hardware level provides
                                                                               more protection than a software-only solution.
                                                                               Part of latest platform support ANSSI certified

                         LAN Bypass Function                                   Bluetooth Control Solution
                         Advanced LAN bypass ports protect networks            AAEON’s network appliances are built for
                         against unexpected in-line system hang. With          maximum scalability and integration, and
                         the aims of AAEON SDK, developers can easily          they incorporate 3E (3- Easy) core tenets:
                         implement the LAN bypass function.                    Connectivity, Maintenance and Control.
                                                                               Our systems feature a Bluetooth interface,
                                                                               eliminating the need for external console
                                                                               cables and/or USB drives, and they are easily
                                                                               operated from tablets, mobile phones, or other
                                                                               Bluetooth devices.

                                                                               *Note: Only supports Android OS

         Swappable Design for    Redundant Power      Software Programmable   Hot Swappable Fans       LCM & Keypad
         Varied Configurations      Supplies                Button

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