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Network Applications                               0

         5G Capable MEC Platforms

         AAEON Network Appliances offer the power and performance to handle demanding tasks including MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing/Mobile
         Edge Computing) applications. MEC platforms act as a vital component in the Edge-Cloud ecosystem, combining NFV and Cloud Virtualization to
         minimize bandwidth requirements and provide an ultra-low latency edge cloud platform, allowing customers to take full advantage of data transfer
         speeds offered by 5G without needing to increase their communication budgets.

           Radio Access Network           Access/Edge                Core Network                   Cloud

                                           MEC Server


                                               5G                                 Internet
                                                                         Core                   Data Center
                                                                       Network                     Cloud


         Industrial Cyber Security

         With the deployment and expansion of Industry 4.0 technologies like Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Edge Computing, greater numbers of industrial systems
         are connecting to cloud and SD-WAN networks. This creates a gap in information security, which has been increasingly exploited by cyberattacks
         and malware. Where Information Technology (IT) systems have traditionally been heavily guarded against such cyber threats, operational technology
         (OT) systems like PLCs, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and SCADA, have lagged behind as these systems were previously isolated from broader
         networks and internet connections. Furthermore, due to the costs already put into deploying OT systems, security budgets for industrial
         infrastructure are generally tight.
         AAEON has developed solutions to help counter the threat of cyberattacks against industrial infrastructure, the compact FWS-2275 and ICS-6270
         DIN rail mount network appliance. Both provide a flexible and inexpensive way to add vital network security tools to industrial networks and OT
         systems. Using AAEON’s experience in designing embedded industrial systems, the FWS-2275 and ICS-6270 feature fanless design, rugged metal
         chassis, and wide operating temperature ranges to ensure long lasting and reliable operation anywhere they’re deployed.

                      ICS-6270                                        FWS-2275                       Fanless

                      DIN Rail 6 LAN Ports Industrial-                Desktop 3 LAN Ports
                      Grade Network Appliance with                    Network Appliance with
                      Intel® Celeron® Processor                       Intel® Celeron®
                      N3350 SoC                                       Processor N3350

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