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Q Service Plus                     0

         What is Q Service Plus?

          Q Service is a Quick and Quality Service for reducing the time spent
          on troubleshooting and expediting the development process. With
          COM technology getting more and more complex and versatile,
          product failure can originate from numerous sources and may be
          difficult to identify. AAEON’s Q Service Plus helps our customers to
          improve new products' times to market with AAEON’s full support
          from Hardware, Software and Firmware R&D resources.

          Q Service Plus Commitment:

             • Quick carrier board schematic review within
            FIVE working days -Absolutely FREE!
             • Quick delivery of a bring up BIOS - within
            FIVE working days, absolutely FREE!
             • Quick compatibility and reliability debug
            services and feedback within 72 hours
             • Quick arrangement for on-site service and consultation


             • Worry-free upgrades
             • Faster time to market
             • Cost savings
             • Reduced design risks
             • Long-term support

          AAEON Carrier Board Design Service

          With over 20 years of quality design and manufacturing experience,
          AAEON provides professional carrier board design services according
          to the customer’s specifications and passes all compatibility and
          functional tests required in the process. There are also default carrier
          boards available for evaluation purposes.

            NanoCOM Module        COM Module               Carrier Board

          Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.               00-10
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