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About AAEON                     0

          System Level Products                                 Board Level Products

          AAEON is committed to delivering high-quality intelligent system   Embedded boards are the beating heart of every computer system.
          products, such as Rugged Panel PCs, Expandable Industrial   AAEON offers a diverse range of different embedded boards to
          Computers, Full HD Infotainment Displays, Rugged Tablets,   consolidate your systems. Our products include Compact Boards,
          Embedded PCs and related accessories, for use in all aspects of   3.5” Sub-Compact Boards, EPIC boards, PICO-ITX boards, COM
          sectors including Digital Signage, Transportation, Industrial   Express Modules, de next boards, PC/104 Modules, RISC Gateway
          Automation, Healthcare, Hospitality, Harbor/Marine, Military/  Boards, and full-sized & half-sized SBCs.
          Government, Public Safety and Energy.                 With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, more commonly
          AAEON has the capability to customize services for a range of   known as Industry 4.0, the optimization of automation processes
          embedded computers and system products according to customer   and productivity is becoming more relevant than ever before.
          requirements and specifications. To help large customers with   Embedded single boards provide an easily configurable and efficient
          volume production, AAEON also provides an end-to-end Design   solution to consolidating industrial platforms and infrastructure in
          Manufacturing Service (DMS) that begins with design and goes   fields such as smart cities, smart building management, smart
          through to contract manufacturing. Quality assurance of our system   transportation, energy-efficient grids, POS and digital signage, and
          products ensures excellent product performance and is the key to   the medical industry.
          our success and growing global customer base.         AAEON’s boards are designed for superior environmental resilience.
                                                                The WiTAS (Wide Temperature Assurance Services) line can be used
                                                                within a temperature range of -40˚C~85˚C and is specifically built to
                                                                combat harsh environments, operating at peak efficiency in both
                                                                bitterly cold and blisteringly hot spaces. Our WiTAS products are also
                                                                ideal for IoT uses and are designed for minimum maintenance and
                                                                maximum ruggedness.
          Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.                00-2
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