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00   IoT Solutions

         IoT Introduction

         AAEON IIoT is committed to the development and application of Industry 4.0 solutions in an IoT context, bringing customers a sustainable,
         connected and personal experience. Our services include smart city applications, intelligent fleet management and transportation solutions,
         smart agriculture network systems, and automation optimization platforms. We integrate versatility and flexibility in our solutions, customizing
         each and every one of our cases, and our systems are designed to integrate seamlessly into existing frameworks, lowering costs and
    IoT Solutions
         enhancing efficiency. For end customers, the convenience of our designs facilitate easy operation and maintenance, eliminating bottlenecks
         and achieving maximum performance. As a committed service provider for smart city applications, our first priority is the development of
         safe, sustainable and reliable solutions. Our portfolio includes services in building management, logistics, fleet management, and agriculture,
         and we aim to provide for and consolidate a safer, globally connected and sustainable world.

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